Oxymed Hospital has state-of-the-art X Ray equipment to serve patients who face injuries or need to diagnose a wide range of conditions involving different organs. The results are interpreted by radiologists or the respective specialists.

For example, cardiologists can interpret chest X-rays and diagnose conditions such as pericarditis, cardiomegaly and the like. Orthopedists can detect broken bones, or osteoarthritis. Pulmonologists diagnose COPD, pneumothorax and other conditions.

X Rays are painless tests which produce images of structures in body, especially bones using high energy electromagnetic waves. It usually takes 10-15 mins and the results are available within an hour.

Coupled with the utmost care and protection and constant close monitoring support from experts, the patients receive the best diagnosis and treatment. Different types of equipment to tackle varying difficulties and medications are all available under one roof at Oxymed Hospital.

  • Advanced gadgets and technology to support any treatment.
  • Futuristic facilities to tackle any emergency.
  • All prerequisites at hand to rise to emergencies.
  • Monitored by professionals who are experts in the field.
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