The Chinese found a treatment by applying pressure to the feet to cure many diseases. This treatment, called Reflexology, consists of applying pressure to the feet. This pressure increases blood circulation in the affected areas and accelerates healing.

Based on the fact that all the nerves of the human body culminated in the feet, Reflexology relieves aches and pains, rejuvenates vigor and vitality, brings youthfulness, removes stress and strains, cures Anorexia (loss of appetite), Arthritis, backache, dizziness, ear disorders, eye disorders, giddiness, headaches and migraines, Insomnia, loss of voice, menstrual disorders, mental tension, depression, nose disorders, and Sinusitis.

For school and college students, Reflexology helps in increasing their memory power by increasing the blood circulation to the brain.

For Smokers and Consumers of Alcohol, Reflexology helps in reducing blocks in the blood circulation system. It decreases the Heart Attack ratio.

Oxymed has introduced this ancient traditional Chinese therapy for relief from pains and aches. Oxymed applies Reflexology for de-stressing the body and mind with a combination of Detoxification therapy. This dual approach eventually harmonizes both body and mind.

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