About our chairman

Dr. Ayaz Akber, Chairman, and Founder, Oxymed Hospitals, has been solemnly committed to the vision of providing non-invasive solutions for ailments that are perceived to be major ones such as cardiac issues, orthopedic diseases, and diabetic gangrene.

The chairman’s vision proliferated into reality with Oxymed hospitals which offers innovative breakthrough treatments at the patient's comfort with no trauma or fear of surgery.

Intending to make non-invasive solutions available to one and all, the chairman popularly known as Chief, has dedicated his entire life to this yeomen service. Chief Ayaz Akber is a life coach. Fitness is a passion and way of life from childhood for him, and obesity, the root cause of all diseases. Discipline is his way to good health care.


Chief Ayaz Akber is an MD in Alternative Medicine. Specializing in treating a host of diseases without surgical intervention, he trained at Vasomeditech New York in Preventive Cardiology. Chief Akber is a recipient of the Award of Excellence in 2008 for treating more than 6000 cardiac patients without surgery. He is a member of the American College of Advanced Medicine (ACAM). In technical collaboration with ACAM, the Chief has introduced alternative treatment methods in a big way in India. Some innovative treatment technologies involve solutions to heart failure, post bypass surgery restenosis, post stenting restenosis, diffusely diseased arteries, knee pain, neck pain, hip pain, back pain, and diabetic gangrene foot.

He ventured into the arena of treating chronic ailments like heart disease and explored non-invasive solutions bringing about a whole lot of technology for cardiac and ortho related diseases. The introduction of Hyperbaric medicine in the year 2014 into Oxymed was his dream come true. It is a combination of various therapies. It has not only helped in treating patients with autism, burns and strokes, but has also restored quality back into their lives.

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