With a well-equipped in-house laboratory for immediate test results, Oxymed has the latest equipment along with up-to-date technology and techniques. Oxymed works towards making futuristic technology available as a solution for each of our patients. We bring out accurate results with safety and compassion in mind.

  • Experienced technicians at Oxymed to conduct tests at our laboratory.
  • Lab located within the hospital for the convenience of the patient.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology to give out accurate and best results.
  • Our compassion and empathy make us do our work right to benefit each one of our patients.
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We at Oxymed are a brigade of professionals striving towards the mission of our hospital. We foster our mission to reach excellence in the field we claim expertise in. Our panels of doctors are professionals who serve with empathy at heart and expertise in mind.

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