Frequently Asked Questions

Indian Patients:

1. Why I Should Opt For Oxymed Hospital?

This therapy is found to be helpful in treating pain and facilitating soft tissue healing. Loco-level laser therapy is effective in releasing serotonin and endorphins. This could be responsible for pain relief.

Fix an appointment and meet the relevant professionals so that they can assess the nature of your complaints. If tests have already been done and interventional procedures have been recommended, the team of professionals at Oxymed Hospitals will evaluate and suggest suitable non-invasive treatments.

Fix an appointment. The doctors will evaluate and suggest suitable non-invasive investigations which will help diagnose the extent of blockages in the arteries, if any, and will suggest either medication or lifestyle modification or non invasive treatment protocols. <>

All kinds of ailments and diseases are treated at Oxymed Hospital.

You may contact the hospital directly or come in after fixing an appointment with the doctor concerned, whichever suits you best.

After any treatment, follow-up is a must to have good quality of life and sustained results. Oxymed Hospital takes great care in following up on patients with periodical reviews on a regular basis. The aim is to free the patient from excessive medicinal drug dosages.

Yes you may. Details of which will be available on << Oxymed Hospital phone numbers>>

Oxymed Hospital has an in-house pharmacy for all your medicinal needs.

Yes. You may call the 24 hours helpline number for any kind of assistance.

The frequency depends on your ailment and what has been prescribed for you by the doctor.

CT Angio:

1. Is there an easy method to find out heart blockages?

With the C.T Angio test one can easily find-out the extent of blockages in coronary arteries.

Primarily the C.T Angio was introduced as 64 slice, 120 slice & 320 slice. Cardiologists were very apprehensive because the extent of the blockages could not be properly assessed and hence it was always suggested to do an Angiogram by inserting and guiding wire into the artery all the way to the heart to know the blockages. But now with the CT Angio 700, a break-through in technological advancement, blockages can be assessed very easily ruling out Angiogram interventions.

Oxymed hospital has recently introduced the advanced CT Angio 700 slice. From outside itself 700 images are being taken without inserting the catheter into the heart. It is the ultimate test which shows calcium levels and the type of blockages “soft fatty plaques” (hard blocks). Very few hospitals have this facility in India.

EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation):

1. Can a Cardiac patient take EECP in a daycare hospital?

Consultation can be done in a day care clinic. When it comes to heart blockages taking EECP treatment in a day care setup, there can be a great amount of risk to the patient. It is quite likely most of the patients develop complications late at night or in the early mornings. Since day care clinics are not functioning 24 hours, the patients and the relatives are subjected to heavy stress and are forced to visit the neighbouring 24 hour hospitals during emergencies. This may endanger the patient’s life. Hence it is always advisable for the patients to take EECP treatment in a full-fledged 24 hour hospital.

Oxymed Hospital is a full-fledged 24 hours hospital with state-of-art facilities like ER emergency department, ICU, cafeteria, admission room facilities, in-house pharmacy and a testing lab. Oxymed Hospital is led by a team of professionals and doctors offering world class services at affordable costs.


1. Can it be possible to treat 100% blockages without surgery?

We at Oxymed Hospital, pioneered the state-of-art FDA approved non-invasive therapies to treat any extent of blockages, may they be single vessel, double vessel, triple vessel or even multiple blockages, without the patient having to undergo the pain and trauma of conventional surgery.

What you are referring to is called post-surgery re-stenosis. Mostly due to uncontrolled sugar and excessive calcium deposits, the surgery fails and such patients are subjected to high risk. We admit such patients in our hospital and treat them carefully.

Our doctors constantly monitor the progress of such patients. During the treatment period the exercise capacity is increased and the patient is able to walk more distances without angina chest pain. Post-test results after the treatment show satisfactory levels in almost all the patients.

Heart Failure :

1. What is heart failure?

The heart has some special tasks to perform. It has to pump out sufficient quantity of blood into the vascular system 24/7 throughout life. Hence there has to be enough thrust and force. Due to many factors the heart muscle loses the ability to pump, resulting in fluid being built up in the body and at such moments it is called Cardiac Heart Failure which will ultimately result in multi organ failure.

Most patients are admitted in hospital for aggressive medical management with the option of heart transplant being suggested to them. Normally the waiting period is more than a year and till such time the patient does not make it. The cost of a donor’s heart is enormous and draws a big hole in the patient’s pocket.

We at Oxymed hospital use advanced FDA approved ACAM protocols. The patients are admitted for 24 hours medical care and attention. They are administered multiple non-invasive therapies. During and after the treatment the progress is monitored. Our team of doctors are successfully able to remold the same heart to a great extent. The post evaluation test shows good results and the patient systematically feels better to lead a quality life.

Diabetic Wounds :

1. Diabetic foot ulcers and non-healing wounds result in amputation. Does Oxymed treat these conditions?

Uncontrolled sugar, infection, calcium deposit in the arteries which leads to termination or turbulence in blood flow do not respond to just medication and ointments alone. Usually, they do not help the patient, ultimately resulting in amputation. We are happy that we have installed the country’s first stand-alone multiple Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Hospital in the year 2014 wherein we treat foot ulcers and non-healing wounds successfully without surgery and pain.

It is not all that easy to treat non-healing wounds. We have a team of doctors- diabetologists, general physicians and HBOT specialists. All of them together use their expertise and administer different protocols in order to save the limbs of the patient. Most of the time their efforts are successful.

It all depends upon the co-morbitity condition of the patient. Mostly they have infections and sugar levels not under control. And elevated creatinine levels add to the plight. Besides mobility is an issue for these types of patients. Hence, we admit them to treat them holistically.

Orthopedic Ailments :

1. Does Oxymed hospital treat orthopedic related problems without surgery?

There are a team of doctors in our hospital who head the non-invasive ortho division wherein they treat cervical spondylosis, lumbar issues and osteo arthritis knees. For patients who suffer from multiple health complications, and surgery cannot be performed our team treats them with high precision laser therapy, Emitron and other therapies offering them pain free solutions.

Emitron is a big machine that looks like an MRI machine. It uses a high precision pulse electromagnetic field and is targeted at the affected area. It is an absolutely pain free treatment. On the whole it is called cartilage regeneration therapy. These multiple therapies are given daily for 3½ to 4 hours for a period of 15 days to derive best results.

It is very simple as most of the patients suffer from tenderness, Crepitus (cracking sound), Inflammation (swelling in the joins), and are not able to sleep or walk. These conditions disappear after the treatment. The x-rays show significant improvement too.

Cancer :

1. Does Oxymed treat cancer patients?

At Oxymed we have a separate cancer division. There is a team of doctors - medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists striving very hard in evaluating the patient to give individualized procedures to combat cancer.

We at Oxymed take all types of cancer patients even if they come in at stage 4. Life is precious and we as a team are committed to offer the best care to the terminally ill patients so that they can have maximum comfort.

For cancer patients, surgery is not the best option. Post chemotherapy and radiation most patients become weak and their condition deteriorates. We treat them through HBOT (Hyperbaric oxygen therapy), ozone therapy and Intravenous infusion of a high dose of vitamin ‘C’ to boost their immunity levels. The patients recover very well and experience a good amount of improvement post treatment.

International Patients:

1. I’m from abroad. How do I get a medical visa?

You will have to send in all your medical reports. Our doctors will examine them and direct the administrative department to write to the Indian embassy in your respective country for a medical visa. The letter will state the nature of disease, stay duration and mention attendee visa. You will be contacted accordingly for further due process.

Yes. All necessary arrangements will be made.

Yes. The hospital will make all necessary arrangements for you comfortable stay for treatment purposes. The accommodation so arranged will be as per your specifications.

We accept Master and Visa Credit Cards. Patients also pay via bank transfers.

Patients can easily fix appointments at the numbers and mail IDs provided to them at the time of discharge.

Medicines are regularly couriered to our patients abroad through our pharmacy. All you need to do is contact us and tell us your requirements.

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