Chelation is the most effective and easy-to-perform mode of treatment the world over. There have been countless patients who have benefited from it. There are certain metals in the body like lead, mercury, and cadmium that are naturally toxic. This therapy is imparted by the intravenous infusion of Ethylene Diamine Tetra acetic Acid (EDTA) that removes these toxic metals from the body and improves calcium and cholesterol metabolism. One of the primary causes of a heart attack is the hardening of the arterial walls. Chelation reverses the hardening of such arteries, thereby removing the blocks.

Chelation Therapy enhances the flow of blood all over the body, thus improving health. Clearing the blocks without surgery through this treatment is the greatest blessing that a patient can receive. Chelation is a boon of the immense advancement of medical science. It is the safest, most inexpensive therapy available today. It not only removes blockages from the arterial blood vessels but also restores blood flow in atherosclerotic regions. Patients who probably would have had to undergo surgical intervention get cured.

Chelation therapy treats Angina Pectoris, Heart attacks (Myocardial Infarction), arterial blocks, the narrowing of the cerebral blood vessels, Strokes, Transient Ischemic Attacks, Hypertension, and Parkinsonism. It is useful in treating heart attacks by removing blockages without surgery at affordable costs.

Oxymed Hospitals offers the best Chelation therapy throughout India.

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