The nerve of the human body ends at the feet. Ancient Chinese discovered Reflexology as a method of treatment, by applying pressure to the feet to cure many diseases. The pressure applied to the various parts of the feet increases blood circulation in the affected areas and speeds up healing.


Relief Aches & Pains, Rejuvenates Vigor & Vitality, Brings youthfulness, Removes Stress & Strains, Cures Anorexia (loss of appetite), Arthritis, Back ache, Dizziness, Ear Disorders, Eye Disorder, Giddiness, Head Aches and Migraine, Insomnia Loss of Voice Menstrual Disorder, Mental Tensions Depressions, Nose Disorders, Sinusitis etc.,

For School & College Students

Increases your memory power for the forthcoming exams, by Increasing blood circulation to The brain through Reflexology.

For Smokers & Consumers of Alcohol

Reduces blocks in the Blood circulation system through Reflexology, it decreases the Heart Attack ratio.

Oxymed has introduced this ancient Traditional Chinese Therapy, which is eventually giving relief for pain & Aches and De-Stressing the body and mind combined with Detoxification therapy which is eventually bringing body and mind in harmony.

Oxymed Hospital established India's First Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) center for offering non surgical and non invasive treatment without surgery.