EECP uses a set of computer-controlled inflatable leg cuffs in a series of 1-hour sessions to improve blood flow to the heart muscle. Nobody fully understands why it turns out that a series of EECP sessions significantly relieve Angina and improves exercise tolerance in most patients suffering from the same following Coronary Arterial Disease. Medicare currently reimburses patients for EECP when they suffer from Angina and when they are medically not suitable for angioplasty, stenting, or bypass surgery.

The EECP Therapy for Heart or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) uses advanced medical equipment used for non-invasive treatment for refractory Angina and Heart failure at Oxymed in Chennai.

The Food and Drug Administration, USA, approves of this novel equipment. This unique method offers relief from anginal pain, improves breathlessness, and enhances the flow of blood. There is an overall improvement in the quality of life of patients.

It also improves the myocardial perfusion to the ischemic area. It increases coronary blood flow velocity leading to the formation of new vessels, thus opening dormant collaterals. This treatment plays a vital role in patients with unstable Angina, and suits patients with heart failure. The drop in oxygen saturation gets monitored during the treatment.

Patients who have undergone this treatment have found relief from anginal episodes. It also increases the treadmill exercise time and ultimately increases cardiac output. Generally, cardiac patients are treated for one hour a day, six days a week, for six weeks to obtain optimal results. In some patients where the problem is chronic, they are also offered the treatment for two hours every day.

EECP is a boon for patients suffering from heart ailments as this does not involve hospitalization, and the patient can attend to his daily routine lifestyle after treatment. The point to note is that it does not require surgery, and therefore there is no loss of blood, no scars, and no pain or trauma. Above all it relieves the family members from unwanted anxiety and fear.

The new version of the medical equipment with state of the art medical technology installed for the first time in India by Chief, Dr. Ayaz Akber at the Oxymed hospital is an absolute boon for cardiac patients who find a cure without undergoing the pain and trauma of heart surgery. Oxymed Hospital is proud to be the only hospital in this region to have this improvised modern gadget.

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