When cancer occurs it’s a traumatic period for the family. The options vary according to the stages of the disease. Early stages of cancer are quite easy to cope up with whereas in advanced stages treatment is a challenge to both the patient and the treating physician. Oxymed hospital specializes in treating cancer which could be at an advanced level alleviating pain but encompassing empathy.

Chemotherapy at Oxymed

Our highly experienced senior oncologist use chemotherapy to treat cancer with best effects in patient from various parts of the globe.

Hyperbaric support during chemo therapy

Oxymed with its HBOT facility supports patients undergoing chemo and helps in reducing the vast side effects of this painful treatment thus giving maximum comfort during the course of treatment.


Diabetes is a disease that affects the whole body from head to toe. One of the major complications of diabetes is diabetic foot. Diabetic foot is caused by neuropathy which leads to loss of sensation in the legs. So the patient doesn’t feel when they get injured in the leg. Once injured infection sets in and the wound doesn’t heal for diabetic patients. The wound increases in size and eventually may lead to amputation.

HBOT treatment in Oxymed and Limb bagging treatment help in healing the diabetic foot wound and thereby preventing amputation.