Nephrology & Urology

The two Kidneys in your body act like a garbage disposal system. All the waste products from the body's metabolism are filtered through the kidneys and excreted in the urine. They play a significant role in eliminating excess fluid, controlling electrolytes balance, and blood pressure.

We are now more dependent on our kidneys than before. It may be due to the intake of medications for our illness and various supplements. All these added so-called essentials have to be excreted through our kidneys. The most common cause of Kidney failure is long term diabetes and hypertension. When these two conditions are poorly managed; eventually, they result in affecting your kidneys, causing failure.

You can initiate early preventive steps to minimize or eliminate your chance of ending up in kidney failure. Constant exercise, eating healthy, not smoking, and frequent intake of water help in maintaining healthy kidneys.

EECP treatment can improve blood flow to the kidneys. This increase in blood flow can help kidneys to filter your waste product in your blood more efficiently. In Diabetic and hypertension patients, where protein leakage in your urine is considered an early sign of kidney disease, preventive EECP treatment will have significant benefits in preventing kidney failure.

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Kidney issues and critical care, are some of the areas Oxymed specializes in. Our nephrologists & urologists offer treatment services for adult and pediatric conditions in India. Birth defects, also called congenital disorders, treatment of kidney and bladder stones, cancer care, management of incontinence, infertility, and erectile disorders are some of the areas where we excel.